Below is a list of classmates we have lost touch with - many have changed addresses recently. I know a number of them are in the Sparta area - so all of you Sparta folks might be able to help find them.

If you know where any of these people are, or perhaps a family member of theirs who may know how to contact them, please pass my contact information on to them and ask them to get in touch with me. I will pass along the website, class directory, etc., to them.

Married names for female classmates are given after their maiden names. Some may have changed since our last lists were compiled. Thank you for your help. Let's see how many names we can cross off our list!

David Boersma Scott Chatfield Steve Kunes
Doris Duggan Loren Erickson Elaine Feller
Barbara Hoff Segina Pam Holterman
Sara Lee Hyldahl Robinson Jonathan Keller Chris Kernan
Dana Kimple Larry Kimple Greg Knight
Charles Koehler Linda Larkee Adrienne Littlejohn Howe
Kathleen Martin Wayne Olson Sharon Passineau Webb
Patricia Pulford Jeff Raymond Agnes (Anje) Samsorei
Susan Schublin Don Shawley Susan Smith Wazman
Chris Thomas Barbara Treu Harmon Doug Vieth